About Me "Owner" Cleopatra Ranay

Hey there roses 🌹

So let me tell you a little about me and why i started this business. I started this because i was never secure in my skin. I always had very sensitive skin with hyper pigmentation all over my body that showed up like dry patches. I was a person who always used lotion or baby oils to make sure that my skin was getting the moisture it needed. But i noticed that even then my skin would dry out so quick. Nothing would help. I went to see a dermatologist who told me i had a skin condition that is commonly mistaken for eczema. She wrote me a prescription for a small tube of cream that was supposed to help my entire body. The small tube looked like a little sample of something and with insurance it costed close to $300. Also, in that medication was a lot of steroids and different chemicals that i had no idea what they were. I never got the cream so i don't know if it worked because it was unaffordable to me. 

I then started my path of looking into holistic healing and what oils could help my skin capture the moisture it needed. I started to make body butters using refined butters (mango, almond, coconut, jojoba, etc.) and found that this was actually working for me. My body wasn't dry after an hour of applying and stayed moisturized through the day using both the rich creams with no added chemicals, dyes, or using water. I use plants, herbs, butters, and oils that are from the earth itself. 

I started this business because if i couldn't afford the medication that was supposed to help me get better and feel secure in my own skin than I know there were many others in my position. So you here you are my loves, walk through this holistic path with me and get something that is made specifically to help the issues of your skin NATURALLY and healthy. And gain back that confidence without hiding your skin. 

Happy Shopping Roses! Lets Heal the Skin together!